A homesteading family celebrating life, learning, and music... all while purposefully living against the grain

Live Differently
The Singing Place - The Yentsch Family

How We Educate & Inspire


as a way of life

Living off the land and growing as a family the Yentsch’s commit to the simple life every day on their homestead.

Health & Nutrition

a cleaner, simpler way to nourish your family

After being educated on the basics of nutrition, the Yentsch’s nourish their family with natural, home-grown food.


in the traditional sense and in exploring the nuances of an integrated life

Using their own blend of education that includes exploring, experiencing and understanding, the Yentsch’s believe in an integrated curriculum that benefits each child in their own way.


to celebrate, learn and grow together as a family

The Yentsch’s use music as another form of communication as they celebrate, learn and grow together.

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the Yentsch Family

Ten years ago, David and Jessica Yentsch decided to make a drastic change after following the signs that led them to believe they weren’t living out their full potential. With a little hope and the willpower to live a fulfilled life the two of them purchased their new homestead in the beautiful rolling hills of western Wisconsin. Now, their family of seven works together to maintain, but mostly enjoy, their simple life. Their simple life is inspired by what they believe God called them to do. Together, the family chooses faith over fear as they learn and grow through the lessons of homesteading and continue to allow God to shape their hearts into something that’s close to his: homesteading.

The idea of The Singing Place was created when nutrition sparked a curiosity for the couple. After gaining a clear understanding, they decided to endure home-raised foods, which led to purchasing land, raising animals and creating The Singing Place. Over the years they’ve learned and learned some more as they’ve undergone homesteading, but together they continue to pursue what God called them to while enjoying every moment.


The Head of the Household

As a bearded Jesus-follower, teacher, musician and lead homesteader, David plays the head of household role quite well. His humor and dedication sets makes him loved by so many, but especially our family. He is full of teaching moments and is a natural leader.

  • Makes possibly the world’s best egg sandwich
  • Third string tight end in high school football (he made me add that in)
  • Once made four half-court shots in a row (again… coming from Dave)


The Leader of the Pack

Meet Jessica! As the leader of the Yentsch pack, she wears all the hats. Jessica is a musician, worship leader, designer, dreamer, researcher and mother. She’s a lover of all things plaid and embraces experiencing different cultures with a full heart.

  • Favorite colors are green and blue
  • Has been to four of the seven continents
  • Lifelong dream is to travel Europe (ahem, Dave… )


The Artistic One

Raegan is a reader, singer and lover of all things art. She enjoys creating plays for her siblings to act out and is full of energy throughout the entire process. Saying that acting lights her heart up is an understatement.

  • Brilliant
  • Loves singing. LOVES
  • Favorite color is aqua
  • Currently raising ducks to learn the art of small business


The Contagious Spirit

Amalya is our free spirit who is full of beauty and grace. So many people are naturally drawn to her contagious and warm soul, as she easily makes friends. She is our best cleaner and organizer in the house and she naturally pays extra attention to detail.

  • Can sleep anywhere
  • Expert goat (bottle) feeder
  • Goal is to learn the art of fermentation so she can sell at farmer’s markets


The Sweet One

Lincoln is our sweet, freckle-faced boy who was the only boy until Franklin came along. His heart is so big that he is always glad to give up his first choice for someone else’s happiness. As a baby, Lincoln’s favorite word was, “yes” versus the usual toddler “no”, and that is still true to who he is today.

  • Loves wrestling and special time with Dad
  • Loves playing board games
  • Is raising rabbits as his first business endeavor


The Spitfire

Monroe has a strong spirit and she knows it. Her ability to know and be exactly who she is inspires us all. She was our baby for four years before her little brother came along. Yet, she has fully embraced big sisterhood with a great big heart for her baby brother.

  • She runs the show around here
  • Loves to dance and sing, her dancing is… spirited
  • Still deciding what she wants to do as a first business


The Baby

Our sweet baby boy, Franklin may be the baby of the family, but he has a voice to be heard. It is so fun to see him grow while learning his personality along the way. His siblings give him all of the love and attention you could ever imagine.

  • Soooo smiley
  • Very talkative
  • Thinks everyone is talking to him at all times
  • Jack-Jack impersonator

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